Trip 1: Hutchinson, Kansas

Aerial View of the City Hutchinson

Aerial View of the City Hutchinson

Wow. Goal of stepping out of my comfort zone: achieved.  Hutchinson, Kansas, population 41,000.  That’s less than the amount of Google searches there are per second.  That’s less than how many people took part in the world’s largest tomato fight.  That’s less than how many people the busiest McDonald’s in Russia serves every day. You get the point… it’s not a lot of people. But still, my whole concept of making greater memories through traveling than I can make at home was proven to be true.  I went to Kansas to see a friend who goes to school there now, and even though there weren’t any exquisite, exciting things to do, we had a great time.  What did I do 2 weekends ago when I was home? I literally cannot even remember.  But I will remember my trip to Kansas for a long time coming. Some of the highlights: I got called a “tall drink of water” 3 times over the span of 2 days. I hear this a lot, but that many times in a short amount of time is record breaking. But then again, those people don’t see much; I’m probably the tallest girl they have ever seen, and will ever see in their life.  Highlight 2 was going to the zoo. My first thought was, if this place has a zoo it can’t be that bad can it? WRONG.  The zoo had deer.  DEER!!!! I have deer in my back yard every single day. What’s next, taking squirrels and putting them in cages? Highlight 3: leaving.  I had a great time but being back, surrounded by civilization was a great feeling.  However, it taught me that no matter where I go, I will make memories and that my vow to say “yes” was a good one.

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