NBA: From trolling to tender

In my one of my previous posts, I advised anyone who wants to step their Twitter game up to be rude. It draws attention, it’s funny, and it gets a lot of engagement. Professional sports franchises were the ring leaders when it came to using Twitter to taunt their competitors. Well, I guess this tactic got to be too much for NBA stars, so the NBA officially banned “mocking and/or ridiculing” other teams on social media.

The Sacramento Kings lead the way of the trolling, an example to the right, replacing the “C” of the Cavaliers logo with an “L.” I thought it was pretty stupid to ban this kind of stuff. Besides Grayson 1Allen, who isn’t even in the league yet, these are grown men who should be able to handle a little taunting. They’ve been competing their whole lives, I think they can take a little trash talk. That’s the best part about competition. I’m a die-hard Cardinals fan and my favorite part about it is hating the Cubs. As an athlete, I used to love when people would talk trash; it just got me going more and made the competition that much more fun. That’s why I didn’t understand this ban; why take the competitive spirit out of competition?

However, my disappointment was soon replaced with excitement. Teams started being sarcastically nice to each other, which was almost funnier than the trolling. The Kings, of course, started this new trend of complimenting their opponents when they played the Atlanta Hawks. The Picture1compliments between these franchises are obviously sarcastic, poking fun at the organist who plays at the games and the throwback uniforms. They found the loophole and they ran with it.

The funniest part for me came when the NHL chimed in. After the ban came out, the Dallas Stars tweeted, “@PredsNHL let’s all have fun and have a good game toda… wait, wrong league. We hope we win and you lose. Because this is sports.” They hit the nail on the head. Competition is fun and obviously you want your team to win, so why not add a little team spirit and give your opponents a hard time?

It all reminds me of giving participation trophies out at kids sporting events. That is absolute ludicrous. One team won, and they deserve a trophy, the other team lost, and they deserve to go home empty handed. It’s a competition, and people on all levels need to learn how to compete correctly. That means learning how to lose without reward, and learning how to compete even if people are talking trash.

Bottom line is that trash talking in sports is all part of the fun. If you can’t take the heat, get off the court. Plus, from a business side, if another franchise is talking trash about your team, not only are your fans going to be fired up and more supportive, but your social media is going to get a lot more followers and engagement. Not only is banning trash talking on social media a bad business move by the NBA, but it’s taking away from competitive fun.

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