Trip 3: Fredricksburg, Texas

This weekend I took a trip with family to Fredricksburg, Texas to relax and visit some wineries. The ride in was intimidating, and not a traditional form of intimidation. As a city girl, I was intimidated by the spotty cell phone service, the miles of nothing but grass and trees, and most of all, by the ANIMALS. I’ve never seen more goats and cows in my life, which is saying something since I’m from Missouri.


Once we got there, I felt much better since I had full cell phone service and the town proved to be small but quaint. We embraced our German heritage by eating lots of German food, including brats, sausages and sauerkraut. We also visited a microbrewery and enjoyed some drinks at a local bar. In between our meals, we browsed the shops on the main street and visited several wineries.

My favorite part about the wineries were the beautiful flowers and scenery that accompanied them. Even though the days we spent there were overcast, it was still beautiful looking out over the fields of tulips, lavender, poppy seed flowers, and grapevines.


My least favorite part about the wineries was how uneducated I felt. To me, all red wine tastes the same. When I expressed this to the lady conducting our tasting, she rolled her eyes and said “Um, you can’t tell the difference between a merlot and a blend?” I chugged my wine to squash my embarrassment and kept my questions to myself from then on out. I’m still baffled at how someone can taste a wine and tell you what kind it is, but I guess practice makes perfect and I’ll have to try again soon ;).

There were a couple things that happened this weekend that made it alarmingly clear that we were in the middle of nowhere. First, and most amazing, were the stars. Whenever I go somewhere remote, I am reminded of how clear and bright stars can be. That’s something people miss out on when they live in a city. Next was when we went to the top ranked sports bar in the town on a Friday night and we were 3 of 5 people there. The other thing that reminded me of how country this place was happened in church during the priest’s homily. He was listing things that most people do with their best friends, and that list included taking long drives and hunting raccoons. Um, what?

Though this little town was cute and I do love the stars, I think I will take the trade and live in a place where the closest grocery store is one mile away, not one hour away.

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